Community Report of March 2024!


Hi everyone, I’m publishing a new community report. It’s been 2 months since the last report (January) because February was very busy.

New jobs

As you probably know (from my announcement about my Ko-fi page). I have to work once again (on something else than AIdventure) to pay the bills.

From February to April, I’m giving lessons at university to teach programming. It’s cool but takes a good part of my time (as I have to write courses).

After April, I will be looking for full-time jobs (I hope to find some with short duration to not put AIdventure on hold for too long!)

No worries, AIdventure’s development will only be on halt during that time (I plan to not spend all my free time working on AIdventure like I did in 2022-2023). I’m never going to cancel it! The development will resume at the end of my contract (I will have more specific info once I actually find a full-time job).

The 2.0 rush

As you maybe noticed, the release of the 2.0 happened a few days before the Steam Remote Play festival. It was my intention since November to publish the 2.0 by that time and announce the support of the Remote Play Together.

I’m satisfied by this new version, it looks awesome and thanks to the beta testers it was a good release.

AIdventure coming out on Epic Games

AIdventure should be released on Epic Games by the end of the month (if everything goes smoothly). The point of releasing the game on more shops is to increase the visibility, hence, the sales (money…)


If you follow every update, you also noticed I released the game in French, Russian and Turkish. I always planned to support many languages, and the 2.0 is a good base for exporting the game to more markets. I will support more languages in the following weeks. It costs money, but I think it’s worth.

The next big update???

For now, I had no time to decide what will be the next big update (Maybe the RPG extension). I have been working on legal stuff, localization, the new shop and fixing small problems.

So, I will soon have a look at the possible new updates and create a poll. My supporters on Ko-fi will be able to vote for the next feature!

The Ko-fi page

You can find all the information about the Ko-fi page on

This is a way to increase my income and allow (maybe one day) to work full-time on AIdventure without losing money.


Rate the game and review it!

If you like my work and want to help me, please, review AIdventure on Steam or rate it on Itch! It’s very important and can help me a lot!

Thank you for reading this report :).

See you next time.