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Today, I have an important announcement to make! I’m now creating a membership system (like Patreon) but on!

In this post, I will answer to a few questions you might ask yourself!


There will be no (and never be) in-game content locked if you don’t subscribe to any plan!

These plans are for those who want and can support me.

If you can’t, or don’t want to support me more (by buying the game, you already support me), you always can review and rate the game on Itch and Steam! It’s free, and very helpful!

So, what am I offering?

One-off supporters get:

  • 🤖 | Discord “Tipper” role
  • 🎬 | Behind The Scenes content

Monthly subscribers get:

  • 🤖 | Special Discord role (Adventurer, Patrician, Conqueror)
  • 🗳️ | Exclusive voting on the next feature
  • 📢 | News before everyone
  • 🎬 | Behind The Scenes content
  • 🎁 | Digital goodies
  • ✉️ | Direct messages
  • 🎉 | Social Media Shout-out & Name in credits
  • 🛁 | The water of my bath (It’s a joke, please don’t ask for it!)
  • And more.

Subscribe now and enjoy a -25% lifetime discount!

The members who will subscribe before the 13th will enjoy a -25% lifetime discount on their subscription! You have no code or anything special to do. I will simply raise the price in one week.

Why am I accepting subscriptions?

AIdventure is a project I love. At first, it was a simple Python file to experiment text generation. I was using AIdungeon and was enjoying it. Then, Latitude changed some things and I hated it! (Spying on me was also a very bad habit of them) Then, I thought

“Alright, if I can’t play AIdungeon as I want, I will make my own!”

(it’s probably a very bad behaviour, not sure, lol).

At the same time, I lost my job (Covid, you know) and got 4 months of free time ahead of me! So I worked full-time on this nameless prototype. I came up with a name and the 25 December 2021, I rushed the publication.

(No joke!, see this proof)

I couldn’t actually believe that much people would find it cool! All your feed-back convinced me it was worth finishing this project!

After this, I worked when I had free time (mostly on my week ends and vacations) on this game. And since September 2023 until today, I worked full-time on it once again! While It was great to make progress, my bank account didn’t like it! :)

So I’m now going to work (full time / part time) again. This subscription system is a safe solution to get money while working on AIdventure. That’s why I’m starting it!

And of course, if I can get enough, it will mean I can work full-time on AIdventure!

Subscribe before the discount ends!


Why not using Patreon?

Because it takes 12% (as simple as that).

If you are believing in me enough to give me your support, I believe you would also like me to get most of the money you are spending! So I prefer using Ko-fi.

Here is a small list of benefits of not using Patreon:

  1. 100% (tax not counted) of the money you spend is sent to me (quite a good reason, I think)
  2. You don’t require an account to support (Just an email to support as a guest. You can create an account, though.)

Will it be possible to change of package or cancel a subscription?

Yes, you will be able to manage your membership at any time! Just know you will lose your lifetime discount if you change after the discount period. To keep it, you will have to email me, so I can manage it.

I will also handle refunds if you ever need. You can read the full refunds policy here