Community Report of May 2024!


Hello everyone, I’m publishing a dev log for this month with an important info!

New job

I finished my job at the university last month. I should have a new job in the following weeks. But, this job will be a full-time one. I found out part-time is hard/impossible to find in my country in my domain. Everyone wants to hire you for endless contracts at full-time (which is good, but not what I needed).

But there is something cool about this job. In 2 years, I will be allowed to turn it into a stable part-time job. Therefore, it will ensure I can both live and work on my company. So that’s a good point.

Of course, it means AIdventure’s development will SLOW DOWN until that time. Because of it, I will be focusing on small tasks and don’t implement new features, small tasks like quality of life (QoL), text to speech, bug fixes, auto-translation, that kind of stuff.

So, AIdventure should still get better, but without anything significant change.

Epic game release and adult content :O (Click bait)

I first planned to release AIdventure on Epic the 1st May, but it was impossible because I forgot I had NSFW AIs downloadable, and Epic doesn’t accept adult games. So it delayed the launch. But, good point is, I will soon publish a SFW version on Itch as well, in case parents want to show this game to their kids.

Experimental version available

As I said, I will focus on QoL improvements and bug fixes.

You can see on this graph all my tasks organized by area.

As you can see, I have much to do!

I’m going to publish it as often as I can in the experimental branch on Steam. Don’t hesitate to try it and give me feed back about the changes!

Thanks to my supporters

Thank you for supporting me on Ko-fi!

  • Marco,
  • Cynder,
  • SirFactorofX
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Help yourself, help me, because helping me will help me to help you better.

If you like my work and want to help me, please, review AIdventure on Steam or rate it on Itch! It’s very important and can help me a lot!

Thank you for reading this report :).

See you next time.