Community Report of January 2024!


Hi everyone, for this month I’m publishing a small report because the priority is to release the 2.0.0 as fast as possible.

As I explained in my last report, the rework of the UI led to a lot of stuff being rewritten. Therefore, the next version won’t be tagged 1.6.0 but 2.0.0.

The new theme

The artist working on the new theme is almost done, and the theme will be ready by the time I finish the 2.0.0

The new theme

I also plan to allow the users to load the theme with different colours (Though, this might not be ready for the 2.0.0) or custom themes.

Merging lorebook

In the future release, it will also be possible to merge lorebooks (even from the Steam Workshop) together!

Merging three lorebooks together

Support of custom AIs

The support of the custom AIs will finally be back! Say farewell to the annoying procedure to test a new AI. Just click on “download custom AI”, enter its name and wait until the end of the download!

Moreover, the AI will be saved in small parts to be as optimized as supported AIs! Of course, as they aren’t tested before, they might not work. But it will be way simpler to try out.

Result of the Indie Awards on IndieDB.

IndieDB published the best Indies (selected by the editors and the players).

Sadly, AIdventure didn’t make it to the top 10. But making it to the top 100 was already a huge achievement! We will make it to the top 10 at the end of this year ;)

Promote AIdventure

Don’t forget to review the game on Steam and Itch. It helps me a lot!

Thank you very much for reading. Stay tuned as the 2.0.0 is getting closer.