Community Report of December!


Hello, today I’m publishing the third community report!

Firstly, I have a good new. I will have much more free time than I expected this month and I will use it to work on AIdventure :D.

Be ready for some good stuff! Good reading.

More translation AI

I sadly didn’t make any progress on this part. But a few days ago I found something. It might be a breakout if it works!

Steam Workshop

I have been working on the implementation of the Steam Workshop. It’s already available on Steam. You can opt in to test it (in the Beta tab)! I plan to have a full public release of the workshop before Christmas.

Actually, the only missing thing for a public release is updating uploaded content directly in the game. That’s why I release it unfinished for testing purpose.

Future plans

I plan to finish the 1.5.0 by Christmas, then work on the rework of the interface. I will also get done with the problem of non-Latin languages at the same time.


Here is a graph with a list of my tasks by work area.