Community Report of November 2023!


Hi everyone, as usual, I’m posting a new report for this month.

Terms of use

I added a terms of use on the website. You can read it at By using the website, you agree to the terms of use.

Writing contest, second edition

Firstly, let’s talk about the writing contest. I won’t announce any winner as I received only 1 scenario. I will talk with the sole participant and see if he still wants his scenario to be featured in the game.

Full UI rework

If you follow the game since a while, you know I have been talking about how much was needed a rework of the UI. It’s now my top priority. I’m working on it right now.

But this rework can be divided in two parts:

  1. What we call the “theme” in Godot Engine’s games (Colours, textures, fonts, etc)
  2. The interface itself (Where is placed this window, this button, how, why, etc).

Because I’m not an artist, the theme part will be handled by someone else (far more competent than me). Azagaya is will be working on the theme. You can follow him on Twitter ( and (

The second part, however, will be handled by me. Together we will work on making AIdventure’s interface more appealing, unique and better thought for new users.

Let’s have a sneak peek. Here is the new interface (With no theme! It’s the default look of games made with Godot Engine) for selecting a scenario.

We will finally be able to filter the scenarios, FINALLY (With 28 it’s okay but imagine the big mess with 100!)

The point of this rework is to make AIdventure as a whole, far more pleasant to use without changing the core of it (writing erot amazing stories).

Engine update

Godot Engine released a huge major release (Godot 4). Until now, I was using Godot 3. So, a full rework of the interface was the perfect opportunity to break update everything! It took me a few days but AIdventure is now updated and uses Godot 4!

Of course all this big changes will make the 1.6.0 (I’m still not sure if I won’t rename it 2.0.0. It depends on how breaking are the modifications) long to make.

Here is a graph with the status of all the tasks related to the UI rework.

As you can see, I have a lot TO DO. It will most certainly take at least a month to complete (if not more). But rest assured, as soon as I have something ready it will be published in the experimental version!

The localization

The localization is made by fans (Nyghtfall, Lord_Sieben, ZariTen, BOBZONEG) and I thank them a lot! With the new version of the engine my old add-on to manage the translation isn’t working any more. So it’s a good opportunity to change how we manage it (I have to admit a CSV isn’t very efficient and gives me headache after every change). So you might expect the future release (in the experimental branch) to lack translation.

Comments on the website

I updated the website, and it’s now possible to leave a comment or reaction (or both) on my blog. I can’t wait to see your comments ;)

Review the game

If you like the game, you should review it on Steam or Itch! It greatly helps me <3.