Community Report of November!


Hello everyone, I’m releasing a very small community report today. Last month I had been very busy with my full time job. Sadly, this month will be the same. I won’t be able to work much on AIdventure until December.

Good reading of the second edition of the community report :).

The release 1.4.1

I released the 1.4.1 a few days ago. It contains a few bug fixes and a new scenario. This new scenario uses the lore book. If you don’t know how to use it, I recommend checking out this scenario in the scenario editor (All Hallows Eve). I will try to slowly improve the quality of life by hunting easy to fix problems.

Supporting new languages

BOBZONEG#1820 translated the interface in Polish! Sadly, like for the Portuguese language I don’t have the AI to translate between Polish and English. I’m still researching how to convert the AIs made by the Helsinki university (Language Technology at the University of Helsinki). Their AIs are (for most of them) in a format I can’t use. As soon as I find how to convert them I will be able to support much more languages.

The future content

The planned content didn’t change since last month

  • I’m planning to make a small video explaining the basics of the game. It would make it easier for people new to AI to understand how to play.
  • I want to integrate the Steam workshop in the game.
  • Support non-Latin languages (If it impacts too much the interface, I might do the much-needed interface rework at the same time)

That’s all for this month! See you next month for the next report!

Don’t forget you can easily get in touch with me on, join my server ;)