Community Report of October 2023!


Hello everyone, In this report I have very good news!

Firstly, I finished my job last month, and I’m now working full time on AIdventure! You probably noticed I finally released the 1.5.2.

So, what’s the plan now?

I plan to work full time on AIdventure until at least the end of the year. Then, we will see.

The future updates.

Right now I’m working on fixing bugs. I will probably publish the next patch Monday 9. Then, there will be no more patch (except if something is really important) until the big update 1.6.0.

The 1.6.0 will be a full rework of the UI! The new UI should be better for big screens and more efficient. It will also be a rework of the “flow” of the game. How you start a game, how you interact, how you manage the AI, etc. It won’t be just a new paint!

Therefore, it will probably take a good amount of time (a month? Not sure, I never did it before).

Spread the word!

If you like the game, promote it to your friends, review it on Steam and share my posts ;). It would greatly help me. Right now the sales are my only revenue!

Thank you for your nice words and comments. Every review is always a huge motivation to keep going!

Btw, if you want your review to be on my website (see ), feel free to email me.