Community Report of April 2023!


Hi everyone. For this month I publish another small report !

Server’s dependencies

I updated the server and published a new version. It will be shipped with the game in the next release. The next release should come out by the end of the month or May. However, an experimental version (for those who can’t wait) should come out earlier!

I did some stats, and I’m happy to tell you the generation is now a bit faster. It is ~10% faster (9.5% for generation with CPU and 12% for GPU generation). Stats made with gpt2-large (for the CPU) and gpt2-medium (for the GPU) The bigger the AI the more significant will be this improvement.

My current focus

Because of my limited time, I will focus mainly on fixing bugs and improving the server. About the server, I would like to implement the usage of both the CPU and GPU at the same time. This would be great for users willing to run the big AIs.

A guide for players

As I said in the last report, we now have a very good and complete guide on Steam I recommend reading it. You will learn something (or many things) new!

Thank you for reading!