Community Report of January 2023!


Hi everyone. I wish you happy new year. Today’s come out the first report of 2023.

A few days ago I released the 1.5.0 which introduced the Steam Workshop. Now the next updates will be small patches to fix some problems.

The Korean translator

In the 1.5.0 I tried a new type of AI to support the Korean. It was a failure and the Korean will be removed from the game until I have decent results. Sorry for the false hope.

The Turkish translator has the same problem, but I’m replacing it with another one which gave good results during my tests.

This year’s plan.

I’m still employed full time. This mean I won’t have much time to update the game. During December, I had a lot of free time and managed to work a lot on AIdventure but, it was an exception.

The next big update should be a full rework of the interface. The actual UI is… It is what it is. It will make the whole experience smoother for new players and nicer for users playing in full screen.

After the UI update, I should be working on the extension of the RPG system. This update should bring a lot of cool new features and bring AIdventure closer to its final state. However, because it will add new stuff it will also take more time! I can’t give any release date.