AIdventure - Update 2.0.4


Hi everyone.

I’m releasing a patch today. It’s focusing on quality of life improvements and bug fixes.



  • Added the supporters to the credits! Become a supporter on
  • Added a confirmation dialog when trying to close the AI options menu without saving changes.
  • AI settings are now hidden until you select an AI.
  • Changed of logging system
  • All the logs (server’s and client’s) are now centralized in a single logs.txt file inside the game’s folder.
  • Updated the settings preset and auto preset to reduce the user’s memory input by 1Gb to limit the risk of memory overflow during generation of big stories.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed English being an option when selecting an AI translator (Led to crash)
  • Fixed the extreme and major success of rolls being (x < stat/5 and x < stats/2 where it should be <= instead.)
  • Fixed the settings preset and auto preset not taking account of user’s inputs.
  • Fixed the text in the confirmation dialog when downloading a translator.

What next?

I will give more info in the next community report (coming out in 1-2 weeks). But I will focus on quality of life improvements and bug fixes during a few weeks.

See you!