AIdventure - Update 2.0.2


Hi everyone, today I publish a small patch.


  • Translated the interface into French !
  • GPT-Neo-2.7B-Picard is now the default AI, it’s shipped with the game on Steam version.
  • GPT-Neo-2.7B-Picard is now available in the demo !
  • Fixed the server failing to restart.
  • Updated the display of the server’s logs to be more readable.
  • Added legal info about the game on the splash screen and credits.
  • Fixed the Steam Workshop upload of new items not working.
  • Fixed the Steam Workshop upload of thumbnails not working.
  • Fix the tooltip of the scenario displaying the wrong scenario’s memory.

Known issue

There is a problem for using dropdown menu on Windows when the full-screen is activated. I’m investigating.

That’s all for today!

Stay tuned for the next updates!