Release 1.5.3


Hello everyone. I’m publishing a small patch. It should be the last one before the 1.6.0.



  • Fixed the “copying and pasting” error (Making the AI repeating the story/memory/lore book ‘randomly’)
  • Fixed the first person mod not working as expected.
  • Updated the German localization. Thanks to Nyghtfall
  • Fixed the last unfinished sentence of the user’s input being cut if the auto translation is enabled.
  • Fixed the crash when clicking on edit button in the load menu if no save is selected
  • Fixed the cancel button removing the last generated output.
  • Updated the code related to text manipulation

The copying and pasting error is due to the AI removing whitespace before punctuation. If you encounter this error again, open and close the memory, save the story and open each entry of the lore book. The game will correct the typo by itself, and it shouldn’t happen again.

Don’t forget, the writing contest is still going on! Write a scenario and send it to me before the 29/10/2023! More info at