Release 1.5.2-BETA.1


Hello, today I’m releasing a big update!

It doesn’t add any content but greatly improve the performances of the game. Because it brings a lot of breaking changes, it will remain in experimental for some time. To use this new version, enable it in the beta tab on Steam or download it directly on Itch.


  • The models KoboldAI/GPT-J-6B-Adventure and KoboldAI/GPT-J-6B-Skein aren’t supporting the new version yet.
  • You have to redownload all the models.


  • Made compatible the client with the new server’s version.
  • The AI’s files are now all stored in the same folder in models
  • Added many new options to optimize the performances.
  • Added an option to allow the server to download the AI by itself (It will be useful for custom models, later).


  • The server can now run the AI on both the GPU and CPU at the same time.
  • No more memory peak when loading the AI
  • Added an option to limit the memory used (for both the GPU and CPU)
  • Added an option to write data in a folder instead of using the memory
  • The config file has now much more options.

Full server’s changelog here