Pre-release 1.5.0-BETA - Steam Workshop support!


Hi everyone, today I release an important update!

This is an experimental version and is only available for Steam

This version is an experimental support of the Steam Workshop!!!


  • Added an in game console (press F1 to open) to display logs in real time.
  • Updated some warning messages.
  • Added a button to open the console while playing.
  • Reworked the tag system of the scenarios.
  • Updated all scenarios to use the new system.
  • Improved the readability of the new game menu.
  • Partially implemented the Steam Workshop:
    • Can open the workshop from the game
    • Can upload scenarios or lore book from the game
    • Can select downloaded scenarios in the new game menu

Known issue and limitation:

  • When uploading an item to the workshop, some tags might disappear (It happens very often). You will have to manually fix it.
  • It is not possible yet to update uploaded content from within the game.

For’s users

Because this version release the Steam Workshop, it’s only on Steam for now. There might be a way to have access to the workshop without Steam. I need to search in the documentation. If there is a way to allow you to download content (you will never be able to upload to the Workshop) I will implement it.