Pre-release 1.3.4 of AIdventure


Hi everyone, I’m updating the experimental version again. It’s mostly quality of life content!

The game

  • Added distilgpt2 AI!
  • The server’s cmd now prints text again (On Windows)
  • The game can now verify the installation state
  • The game can tell you if you need to update the installation
  • The game can now launch the installer
  • Added a script to manually run the server outside the game
  • A new scenario!


  • Added a “launch game” button
  • The installer now writes the result of the installation in a file. app

This update will make sure you correctly install before playing! It works well with Itch’s app!

What next?

I will be away for 3 weeks in a few days. It means no patch and this is why I keep this update in experimental (even if the 1.3 is probably stable enough by now)

Don’t forget there is currently a poll going on to choose what will be the next update!