Automatic translation release!


Hi everyone, today I have released the 1.3.0!

The main feature of this version is the automatic translation. It has been in test by some of you for a month and I think it’s ready for a public release.

How to update the game?

  • As usual, download the game
  • Erase the existing files with the new ones
  • Run the installer
  • Click on the Update environment button.



  • Added distilgpt2 AI
  • Added the localization of the interface (German and French)
  • Fixed a crash happening when saving a new story
  • Added the possibility to interact with the AI in other languages than English. See this article
  • Added a “language” field in the scenario editor
  • Updated the existing scenarios to specify they are in English
  • Fixed a typo in the “Fantasy peasant” scenario
  • Cleared some outdated code
  • Added Lord_Sieben and Nyghtfall to the credit for the localization.
  • Set max_time default value from 10 to 30s
  • Updated launching of the server to display its output.
  • Updated the game to verify the installation
  • Added “Awakening” and “The prototype” scenarios by Nyghtfall and Sentinel Infinitus


  • Updated the dependencies
    • pytorch 1.10.1 -> 1.11
    • transformers 4.15 -> 4.16
    • torchvision 0.11.2 -> 0.12
    • Added sentencepiece (needed for the translation)
  • Added a launch game button
  • The installer now writes the result of the installation in a file.

Server (full version of the server’s changelog on github)

  • Updated the server to translate text on the client’s request
  • Updated the server to use the GPU for the translation too


Don’t forget there is currently a poll going on to choose what will be the next update!