Automatic translation pre-release!


Hello adventurers, the 1.3.0 is finally ready for public testing!

This new version adds the automatic translation and the interface localization. See the supported languages here.

You can now live your adventures in your native language!

For now, the interface is translated in german and french only. You can help translating AIdventure here.

This is a very important prerelease! Your feedback are welcome.

How to use the automatic translation?

  1. Download the experimental version on the page
  2. Run the installer
  3. Click on “update environment” (if you already installed the game)
  4. Run the game
  5. Go in the options
  6. Go in “Translation”
  7. Check “enable automatic translation”
  8. Select the language you want
  9. Now try a new story or load an existing one.