Release 1.2.3


Hi everyone. Another “small” update.


Rewrite of the installer

This new update changed many things in the installer. The interface didn’t change much, but everything else did.

Say farewell to Conda. You can uninstall it from your PC. The installer now uses Micromamba to embed everything within the game’s folder.

You will now be able move anywhere the game without breaking the config.

  • Replaced Conda by Micromamba
  • Added a display to show the logs in real time
  • Added a message to tell if an error occurred during the installation.


  • Updated the client to use Micromamba.

How to update?

  1. Download the new version
  2. Erase the existing files
  3. Run the installer
  4. Install the game (Again, yes. It will only install the server’s environment. You won’t lose any data.)
  5. Run the game