Release 1.2.0


Hey guys, the 1.2.0 is finally available! The main feature is the support of CUDA. Cuda allows Nvidia owners to use the GPU to accelerate the generation of text! See compatible cards here

Have fun


Client (AIdventure)

  • Added an option to use the GPU
  • Added the option to connect to a remote server
  • Added Intelligence, Wisdom and Luck attributes to the character
  • Added informations about the RPG system in the character’s creation interface
  • Updated the model’s specs (gpt-xl and gpt2-large)
  • Increased max time cap to 1000 instead of 100
  • Fixed the clearing of the initial story when cancelling the first generation.
  • Fixed the “remove unfinished sentences” feature removing more text than expected


  • Added a button to reinstall the environment only.
  • Added the option to install the CUDA required packages
  • Fixed two silent errors about signals


  • The server now supports CUDA
  • The server can be used as an headless server. See on Github
  • Improved the logs generated by the server

How to update your game to use the GPU

  1. Replace all the files by the downloaded ones
  2. Run the installer
  • A pop up will ask you if you want to support CUDA. Click on yes if your pc supports it and if you want to install it.
  • Click on the Update environment button if you already installed the game. Click on Install the game button if this is your first installation.
  • Wait until the installer is done
  1. Run the game
  • Go in options
  • Go in AI options
  • Check the “Enable GPU calculation”

The GPU will use its VRAM. If you don’t have enough VRAM it will fallback to the CPU.